Orchard wildlife

We are incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of rural England, inside the first of only six of the UK’s United Nations’ designated Biosphere Reserves. We have the Devon Wildlife Trust’s Halsdon Reserve just outside the village, bordering the River Torridge, and Rosemoor – a Royal Horticultural Society garden – a few miles further downstream.

The wildlife and natural environment are stunning. Even within our few acres of orchard and garden the diversity of resident and visiting species is incredible – if only you take the time to look. Over fifty different species of bird have been recorded here (so far). We have seen: badgers (resident), foxes (resident), roe deer (who like to sunbathe at the bottom of the orchard), buzzards, red kite (once only), greater-spotted woodpeckers, bats, tawny owls, voles (everywhere), rabbits, moles, sparrow hawk (a frequent hunter of pigeons and blackbirds), and various types of butterfly.

Click on the links below for photos of some of the species spotted so far (with thanks to Malcolm Easton, our gifted naturalist and photographer neighbour).


Mammals & Reptiles

Butterflies & Moths

Dragonflies & Damselflies

Other insects

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