Apple pressing service

Apple glut? We can turn your apples – any variety, dessert or cooker – into delicious bottles of your own unique juice within hours.


We require a minimum of 100kg, or about 4 to 5 feed-sacks worth. You could always ask your friends and neighbours if they have any spare, or arrange a community pressing.

Your job:

About a month or so before picking, contact us to arrange a delivery time to our orchard in Dolton, North Devon.

Just before our agreed date for pressing, collect your good quality, clean, ripe apples (or pears) – no rotting or badly bruised fruit – and put it into clean bags or boxes. Windfalls can be juiced provided they are in good condition.

What we do:

Within a day or two of delivery we mill and press your apples (and ONLY your apples – we don’t mix up batches from different customers). Immediately after pressing we pasteurise your juice in 750ml clear glass bottles. The pasteurisation process preserves your freshly pressed apple juice for at least two years.

We will contact you when your juice is ready to be collected.


£1.80 per 750ml bottle, or only £1.25 if you supply your own clean 750ml bottles with screw-top lids (you can re-use your bottles multiple times if you wash them out straight after use, and store with the cap on). One hundred kilos of fruit usually yields around eighty bottles of juice.

If you want to freeze your juice, or make it into cider, we can press your apples for £0.70 per litre. Bring your own lidded containers (for example 25 litre fermentation buckets, or 10 litre demijohns).